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A dōjō (“place of the Way” in Japanese) is a place for immersive learning or meditation. Though traditionally the term is used in martial arts, it has become common in other fields, such as meditation and software development.

Dojiz is bringing the dojo to the field of trading, with comprehensive trading workshops that combine trading mentality, trading mindfulness, and trading consistency.

These unique trading workshops deal with the biggest challenge traders face: their own trading mentality. Through a series of questionnaires, group lessons, one-on-one sessions, and exercises, the trader identifies one’s blind spots, biases, and destructive behavioral patterns, and learns how to become a consistently profitable trader.

Dojiz Dojo

The markets

Understand what really moves the markets, and be in harmony with the markets and within yourself.

Your Mind

Become mindful of your thoughts and emotions, so they don’t control you.

Your thinking

Learn how to think in order to become consistently profitable.

Your edge

Gain confidence in your edge, and maximize it to its fullest in order to be profitable, and even trade for a living.

The paradox of trading:

the more you need to win, the more you will lose!

When you’re desperate for something, you’re actually thinking about why you don’t have it. And the way energy works – it attracts like energy. So when you’re thinking about what you don’t have and feeling bad about it, you’re attracting more of it, i.e., you’re attracting the lack of success or the lack of money.

The stress and pressure you might feel while trading, magnify your emotions, your ego, your behavior patterns. Trading makes you face situations that you hardly encounter in day-to-day life. That’s why it requires awareness and dedication to do whatever it takes in order to turn your trading around.

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