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it's all about your mentality

According to Cambridge Dictionary, Mentality is “a person’s particular way of thinking about things.” Notice 2 important words here: ‘particular’ and ‘thinking’. Mentality represents your unique perception; your way of thinking is special to you and different from other people’s thinking.

Another, less formal, definition refers to mentality as your personal feelings, ideas, biases and reactions to external stimuli or situations that may change from time to time. This is important since it means that a “one-solution-for-all” approach won’t solve trading problems and challenges that stem from your mentality.

I’m referring to trading mentality rather than trading psychology, because in our coaching sessions we will work on your way of thinking, your biases and reactions to them. If you want to solve any deeper psychological issues, there are great trading psychologists out there that can help you as well. My purpose is to help you adopt new habits and a fresh mindset to overcome your current trading challenges.

Yaniv Elbaz

take your trading skills to the next level

Change your mindset

Become aware of your limiting beliefs and thought, ingrain positive behavior and thinking patterns, and develop a mindset of a successful pro trader.

overcome your challenges

Understand where your trading errors stem from, adopt new habits, and get rid of old patterns that prevent you from achieving your goals.

improve your skills

The coaching sessions will address not only mentality aspects, but also trading skills and framework (e.g., preparation, execution, analysis).

become consistent

Once you change your mindset, overcome your challenges, and improve your skills, you will become a consistently profitable trader. It’s not far-fetched, it’s only up to you.

Trading without Fear

Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will!

Fear is your biggest obstacle to success. The 4 primary trading fears are:

  1. Being wrong
  2. Losing money
  3. Missing out
  4. Leaving money on the table.

You can look at FEAR in 2 ways:
Forget Everything And Run or
Face Everything And Rise.
The choice is yours.

Whether you’re already a successful trader, who wants to take his trading skills to the next level, or an aspiring trader, who’s determined to become successful, the Trading Mentality Coaching sessions are exactly what you need.

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Your Mentality becomes your reality

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